traceproto, tracepath and tcptraceroute: Triplets

In the interest of brevity, I have three toys for you today, all of a similar bent: tracepath, traceproto and tcptraceroute.

2012-12-20-solo-2150-tracepath 2012-12-20-solo-2150-traceproto 2012-12-20-solo-2150-tcptraceroute

As you might have guessed from the names, these are all traceroute-style tools, with slight variations on each. I don’t really endorse any one of these over any other; they have discrete styles and applications.

tracepath is part of iputils or a variation thereof, depending on your distro. But chances are you have it installed already. The other two are probably available in your repositories.

Of course, all three of these fall a little short for me, in terms of their interface. I don’t mind command-line tools, and use them a lot. But just a list is … minimal at best.

Or maybe “minimal” is just right. 😐