retawq: Ultralight browsing

I have retawq on my list next, and it’s a good one to keep on hand as well.


Naysayers will likely throw a critical glance at retawq for being eight years out of development, having fewer features than some other text-only and framebuffer-based browsers, and only using about four or five colors.

Au contraire!, I say. retawq uses more than one color, which is more than enough. And it’s written purely in C so it’s wicked fast. And really, the Internet was much more interesting in 2006 anyway. πŸ˜‰

retawq has a lot of other great features, most of which are listed here. Watch for the split-screen option and a “download manager” mode. πŸ˜‰

Which just goes to show you that there’s a lot more you can do with text-based browsers than just read man pages. No matter what some dork on the Internet suggests.

3 thoughts on “retawq: Ultralight browsing

  1. malaprop

    Thanks for once again featuring retawq. Its rendering of several modern websites is rusty, unfortunately, and it clearly needs to be updated. It also seems to be unable to follow same-page links, for some reason.

    Regardless, it is a nice piece of software and far less bulky than w3m or elinks. Considering that the binaries of X browsers Surf and Uzbl are both under 150 KB, it is amazing that the most popular text-mode browsers both exceed 1 MB.

    1. Theodore

      They all have their own builtin parsers, afaik, while surf and uzbl depend on gtk and x libs for parsing and most of the presentation part. That’s why, probably, the source code is under 150k but the executable is 50 megs.

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