labrea: A cunning name for a sticky trap

I’m going to include LaBrea in this little jaunt even though I have almost no clue how it works, or how to get it going.

As I understand it, LaBrea is a honeypot with a deliciously sinister twist: It ties up traffic to keep the intruding line occupied, effectively bogging down the attacker.

It’s all Greek to me of course, but it’s terrifically interesting, and the description of its history and principles is worth reading through.

My only fear is that LaBrea is about a decade old, and while it installed for me in Arch, I can’t really be sure it works as promised.

Furthermore, I have no context for using LaBrea, and more’s the pity. If I could demonstrate something with a screenshot or animation you know I would, but installing it and showing the man page would be the only thing to see. Again.

So I’ll spare you the uninitiated attempt to look over software that’s just beyond my practical use. If you like the idea and can put it into action, please share your experiences. 😉