lltag: Cleverer and cleverer

For as many text-based music players as there are, you’d think someone would take pity on us poor text-only proponents and give us a tool to tag all those audio files.

Some applications have tagging tools built in; ncmpcpp, if I remember right, has a smallish tag tool. beets is another, that is smart enough to check online for tag matches, and apply them.

For more convoluted tagging issues, I fall back on lltag.


It’s difficult for me to explain what lltag does, except that I think it tries to reason out the name, artist and album of audio files, and correctly tag them.

You get the chance to be a hero by helping lltag with the format from the file name. lltag can reverse that process too, and rename files from tags.

Of course, it does more than that. The home page can give you tips and examples.

This, in conjunction with beets and maybe even the renameutils in an emergency, should flesh out your need to manage your audio collection.

8 thoughts on “lltag: Cleverer and cleverer

  1. CorkyAgain

    Cool, today’s post is a two-fer! I hadn’t seen either lltag or renameutils before.
    renameutils looks interesting, although there’s some overlap with the tools in Joey Hess’s moreutils suite.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      That’s funny, because I had qmv specifically on my list for future months. I should have mentioned it sooner …

  2. boben

    Anyone know how to get it to use freedb?

    I tried with “–cddb-server freedb.freedb.org” which doesn’t return any errors, but neither does it return any results.

    Tracktype isn’t as complete, and indeed the cd I was looking up didn’t exist there.

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