spark: Itty bitty graphs for your terminal emulator

I have to make the distinction this time, that spark probably won’t work for you in a virtual console. I believe it can only do this in a terminal emulator:


Unless I’m mistaken, there’s not much chance to get that working in a virtual console, because the fonts will display as unidentified characters. I think. It will depend. (A framebuffer terminal emulator should be fine though, so long as your font supports it.)

Regardless, spark does something interesting and kind of cool, and if you’re clever you should be able to find a way to integrate that into something else.

spark probably won’t see much more development; not that the creator is lax, but rather that I don’t know how much more it could do. There are dozens of ideas for how to use spark on the github wiki, but I think spark might have reached its logical conclusion.

A well-earned round of applause in that case then. 😀

6 thoughts on “spark: Itty bitty graphs for your terminal emulator

  1. John

    This inspired me, but the graph I wanted was of absolute magnitudes not relative, so I stole the same list of Unicode characters and implemented the rest in a pretty short program:

    So you put the binary that generates (if you run the source file as a script it builds the binary) in your path and in your profile add $(cpuspark) to your PS1 like:
    export PS1=’$(CPUSPARK)?’
    and then you have a little graph of your CPU utilization embedded in your prompt. The program tries to detect when you’re in console (as opposed to terminal emulator) and outputs nothing instead of the graph (since, yes, it just looks weird).

    By the way, thanks for this series. It’s a lot of fun. Keep it up!

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