pal: By contrast, a step up

Yesterday I mentioned cal specifically because, in a manner of speaking, it’s as straightforward and simple a calendar application as you will see, console or not.

Now let’s step it up a notch. Here’s pal.


I first looked at pal more than three years ago, alongside cal and a couple other little utilities that I’ll probably revisit at some point.

pal hasn’t changed in that time, with no revisions since about 2008. It’s still a step up from cal though, with an interactive mode for adding and editing events, as well as a cal-style calendar output.

And of course, this-day-in-history, world events and some “standard” holidays. And colors. I do like colors.

pal is not the be-all, end-all console calendar application, but it does a good job. It’s obvious that it was never really finished, what with a short list of unimplemented features on the help page.

But, of course, after pal there are a few other options. … 😈

4 thoughts on “pal: By contrast, a step up

  1. boudiccas

    Hi there.
    have you come across ‘ranger’? ranger is a text-based file manager written in Python with vi-style key bindings, its a rather unique file manager, which enables you to drill down till you get to your target file, and then you can read it from the command line. It can be obtained here .. . It might be useful for some future posting on your blog? 🙂

    Keep warm

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      I have, as a matter of fact. It’s on my (constantly growing) list of applications to write about. Thanks for the reminder though! 🙂

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