teachgammon: Short post, long tutorial

This will be a short post about a long lesson: the teachgammon tutorial built into bsd-games.

2014-05-20-jk7h5f1-teachgammon-01 2014-05-20-jk7h5f1-teachgammon-02

Technically speaking, we’ve been over this once before, when introduced to backgammon. As best I can tell, teachgammon is the lesson embedded into the backgammon game, that you can sit through to learn the rules.

It’s accessible from the command line just as teachgammon, or when you answer “yes” to learn the rules, from within backgammon. But I didn’t check every frame of the lesson, so it’s possible there is some variation between them.

On its own, there’s not much more to be said about teachgammon. It is a nice example though, of how to introduce someone to the rules of a game.