pcal: Nifty calendars, at a moment’s notice

It doesn’t take long for pcal to get the job done. Given the right options, pcal should have a calendar made for you in a matter of seconds.


Of course, with something as complex as pcal, getting the right options might be the tricky part.

The man page is really a man novel, and the help flags will take you a while to page through them.

On top of that, pcal offers a lot of custom configuration for things like national holidays, events and so forth. A lot of that is included in the original tarball, if it’s not bundled in your distro.

And if this looks familiar, it’s probably because there’s a similarity between this and ccal, from almost a year ago.

pcal is another one of those applications that’s pushing the envelope in terms of “console” or “text-based.”

Yes, you have to feed it the options you want, but with no interface and no interactive output, it’s just a fire-and-forget tool.

And of course, if you don’t like what you get from it, you tweak it and try again. So yes, it’s text-based. Just not very talkative, I guess. 😕

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