ledger: Toward fantastical finances

My personal accounting needs are rather minimal, and while ledger is quite impressive, it’s obvious at first glance that it’s far beyond my level.


It would take a long time to learn all the ins and outs of ledger, but if it will help you get started, the documentation insists it’s compatible with GnuCash.

I’ve never used GnuCash either, aside from starting it up and fiddling with the menus.

If ledger can push info in and out of GnuCash, then that makes it all the more useful … to those who live outside of the terminal, of course. 😉

All the magic in ledger happens in the data file; don’t look for an interface with ledger.

On the other hand, ledger will generate reports in a wide variety, and show a complete register like the one above.

Like I said at the start, the huge preponderance of what ledger can do is far beyond my own needs. I’d love to see it work to its fullest potential, so in the mean time I’ll be concocting some fantastical finances.