tnote: An application of note

My mental system of categorizing software is breaking down with tnote. I’m not sure exactly what box this should be in.


tnote insists — or at least the home page does — that it’s just a quick application for taking notes. But consider:

  1. It is possible to add, delete, search and edit notes, much like a task organizer;
  2. It is possible to group notes, much like a task organizer; and
  3. It is possible to assign importance to notes, much like a task organizer.

On the other hand. …

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a date system for notes;
  2. There doesn’t seem to be a priority system for notes, other than the “importance” rankings mentioned earlier; and
  3. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tick off or “complete” notes.

All of which suggests tnote is trying to keep itself out of the task organizer box, and operate strictly as a console version of sticky notes. 😐

All of the features I listed above are described in the man page and help display for tnote. What I didn’t show very well in the screenshot gif, is that tnote intends for you to make long, rambling notes and includes an option for a “brief” display of only the first line.

Furthermore, tnote has an “interactive mode,” which drops you into your $EDITOR and lets you build up an entire sonnet as a note, if you so desire. Nice touch. 😉

A few caveats though, as must always be the case: First, I have yet to get the “importance” feature to work, and judging by the man page, that’s where the color appears. Shame. … 😦

Second, tnote seems to display a lot of white space after the note list, and I’m not sure why. None of my notes included empty white space or blank lines (not just the blank line I include as part of my $PS1). I noticed that white space wasn’t in the “brief” display, so perhaps it’s just a quirk.

I like tnote a lot; it has some good features and for the most part does what it promises. It’s a bit of a hybrid, incorporating the ideas in several different groups of programs and making them work in a new way.

Of course, now I have to find a new mental box for it to fit in. 🙄