tome: An epic in three or four books

I wanted to mention the tome series as a final nod to the roguelike genre, mostly because there are about three evolutions to the original game, and it has ties to some earlier titles. This is a conservative screenshot of tome2, ostensibly the second incarnation:

2014-10-21-6m47421-tome2-01 2014-10-21-6m47421-tome2-02

Much of the “improvements” that we’ve seen to the original rogue arrangement are in tome2 (and most likely the others in the series): wilderness travel, a heavy mix of Tolkien and Gygax (although more recent versions seem to have spread out into their own directions), multiple dungeons and a variety of quests.

So going by the information available around the Interwebs, here’s what I gather is different:

  • tome split from angband a long while back
  • tome uses skill point progression through talents
  • tome2 in particular allows you to set ranges for ability scores, and the computer will reroll ad infinitum, hoping for score ranges you set
  • tome evolved with its own repertoire of races and professions
  • tome inserts NPCs with specific quests and rewards, and uses quest logs to help you track them

And there is more, of course. This is a good place to start, if you want to learn all the fine details.

tome2 specifically defaults to an SDL environment but can be forced into ncurses, which is also something seen in other roguelikes than evolved over the past couple of decades. More recent versions also have graphical tilesets, if you’ve had enough of ASCIIventuring.

It’s also worth note that the latest version — tome4 — had its last update in June of this year. So unless you specifically stick to an early version of tome, you’re probably going to get some fresh code.

Aside from that, I won’t tell too much about the tome series, mostly because each title really should probably be investigated on its own merit. Much of the movement, control and graphical arrangement follows the roguelikes that we’ve seen over the past week (or earlier).

But at this point, the choice between tome2, tome3, tome4, omega, angband, adom or whatever is really a question of personal preference. I leave it to you to answer it. 😉

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