unp: Boring is not always a bad thing

The Debian package pages say unp is a perl script that can unpack almost anything, provided you have the supporting formats installed in your system. In that way, it appears to be a lot like atool or dtrx, both of which we perused last year.


And this is where I run dry on things to say about unp. It has no color. It doesn’t do much other than rip files out and drop them in a folder.

It has a smaller set of specific flags that will fine-tune your decompression experience. And it seems proficient enough to know how to extract almost any type of archive; enter unp -s and it will tell you what it supports at any given moment.

But that’s all there is. Even the AUR version points at the Debian package page, which is rather boring. 😐

Ah well. It’s not always a bad thing to be boring. 😉

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