pyncp: Quick and easy network transfer

This will be quick and easy today, since pyncp is a clean and straightforward tool.


If you remember waaay back, almost two years ago, we looked at ncp as a quick alternative for network file transfer. pyncp accomplishes much the same thing, but apparently sticks to python for its magic.

There are no exquisite flags for pyncp, but the program has to be installed on both the source machine and the destination. One machine “pushes” a file with pyncp push file.txt, and the other “polls” for it with pyncp poll. You don’t need superuser privileges or passwords — you don’t even need to know how to manage the network. One pushes, one pulls. Or polls, I guess I should say.

That’s it. If you want an encrypted transmission, I believe you might have to do that manually, and decrypt after arrival. Same goes for compression, but if you’re managing a series of file transfers over an open network, you should be doing those things manually anyway.

I only tested pyncp over my home network, so I have no guarantees how it will behave out in the wide open world. pyncp is in AUR as pyncp-git; my Debian search turned up nothing.

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