xcplay: A more immediate interface

While clxmms might be useful over a remote connection, xcplay might not be so successful.


Unlike clxmms, xcplay seems to rely on some outside control of xmms.

You’ll need to start xmms, for example, before the console interface will begin work.

And adding files and directories bounces back to the ancient GTK interface. Unless I’m doing something wrong, of course. … 😐

Playback and control are mostly through xcplay. But the help page is rather sparse — in the sense that, other than start/stop and a few playlist management keypresses, xcplay doesn’t seem to do much.

And with so much relying on direct, manual control over xmms, I have to wonder why — why bother with the console interface to the graphical program, that is.

So I guess in this circumstance, I’m back to my original question.

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