wicd-curses: Get yourself connected

My goal, this time around, is to keep things much more simple than I did in the past.

Not that I find fault with my previous work. Au contraire, I found it immensely helpful to have kept meticulous notes on encryption scripts, kernel configurations and whatnot, for so many years.

It was a resource that even I checked from time to time, over my years of exile.

And judging by the traffic that the site still gets, in spite of its stalled state, I guess other people find it useful too.

But this time I just want to focus on the software. Today’s wunderkind is not a newcomer. If you use wicd, you might know this nifty tool: wicd-curses.


curses, of course, for its reliance only on the terminal screen to show you the goods. And this one picks up where our previous winner left off: connecting you to the network.

wicd-curses lets you scan for networks, connect to them, specify hidden networks, set up automatic connections, switch straight to wire when it’s available, set systemwide defaults, keep network-specific profiles … you name it.

Arch users (and some others) should take a look at the wiki page to make sure the daemon is spinning when the system boots, and it should take care of the rest.

I should mention that the two tools — wavemon and wicd-curses — seem like natural twins. However, I occasionally ran into issues running them both at the same time.

Nothing catastrophic, but if you find yourself unable to list any networks in wicd-curses, it may because wavemon has a stranglehold on your network interface. Consider yourself warned.

13 thoughts on “wicd-curses: Get yourself connected

  1. Agl

    The world really IS small. If found http://kmandla.wordpress.com the month you stopped posting there. Needless to say I felt sad. Now this blog made it to my rss feeds just a week ago and now I find out it’s the same guy πŸ™‚
    Glad you’re continuing in some way.

    wicd-curses is really something i’ve been missing for a long time! Thanks.
    Anyway: the link that should take us to wicd-curses is leading to wavemon. Google did help me but you might want to correct that πŸ™‚

    That I say “thank you” and “glad I found your blog”?

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      You’re welcome, and I am glad you enjoy it. Sorry about the incorrect link; I edited this post and the wavemon article at the same time, and obviously made a mistake. 😦 Cheers!

  2. belak

    I’ve been using wicd-curses for the past few years as well. One thing to keep in mind, if you’re using WPA enterprise logins, as many schools do, it’s more likely to work if you choose PEAP with GTC, rather than something like PEAP with TKIP/MSCHAPV2.

    Also, your first link to ‘wicd-curses’ currently goes to wavemon.
    Oh, and how would I go about contacting you if I have a few console goodies for you?

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