wgetpaste: A healthy collection of features

I have a link to the home page for wgetpaste, but it gives me nothing but a 404. Perhaps it has moved.

2014-06-25-6m47421-wgetpaste-01 2014-06-25-6m47421-wgetpaste-02

Ordinarily I’d look to the Debian repositories for a backup source package, but it’s not in Debian. So this time, Arch saves the day. 😉

wgetpaste uploads text to pastebin-ish services, much like curlpaste or elmer or others. Judging by the -S flag, wgetpaste supports about five or six upload hosts, but I’ll be honest and admit I didn’t try all of them.

As far as code languages, you have your choice of about 180 that wgetpaste claims to support — and no, I didn’t check all of those either. Some of them I never even heard of. 😯

But as you can see, a quick default run through wgetpaste sent my test file out into the wild blue yonder, and it arrived safely and intact at bpaste.net, the default host.

There are a couple of other options worth mentioning. wgetpaste can use tee to show you what it’s sending out. It can also interface with the X clipboard, like uppity does. And it has an option to send a URL to tinyurl.com, kind of like surl does.

So I suppose, if you wanted some of the functions of other tools, or features of other text-paste tools, wgetpaste might be a good choice.

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