oleo: No joy in Mudville

These are hard times, friends.

2014-02-17-lv-r1fz6-oleo-debian 2014-02-17-lv-r1fz6-oleo-arch

oleo seems to have fallen out of favor with the computer gods. Debian no longer carries it, and the 1.99 version crashes and burns in Arch Linux. No joy.

Not so long ago oleo was on board Ubuntu — and presumably related distros — as a console spreadsheet. And not a bad one either: decent enough for vacant-headed bloggers to chatter about it, as is wont to happen. 🙄

Right now though, it appears oleo has overstayed its welcome. Left for dead. Sent down to the minors. That ship has sailed. Lost and gone forever.

Well, probably not forever. Nothing ever really dies in the world of software — even applications that haven’t been updated since 2001. Programs just sit on a shelf until someone with talent and interest comes along, and fixes them up.

And really, if sc, the +/- 25-year-old spreadsheet can find its way into the Arch Linux orbit, doesn’t that mean oleo has a chance too?

I can hope. oleo had its day in the sun and gnumeric may carry the blessing of the GNU/Gnome papacy now, but I will always have fond memories. 😦

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