ps*: The splat meaning, “Whatever you want”

I probably should have just dumped ps2ascii and ps2pdf in with all the other ps-entitled tools that I have in my list, like I did with pdf-entitled tools.

Truth be told though, it seems the vast majority of Postscript-related tools have already been lumped into one megakit — the aptly named psutils. To include …

  • psbook: Rearranges pages.
  • psmerge: Merges multiple PS files.
  • psnup: Puts several PS pages on a sheet of paper.
  • psresize: Changes document size
  • psselect: Splits out pages from PS files, if I remember right.
  • pstops: More page rearrangement.

As well as a healthy rasher of scripts to further manhandle your PS file collection.

It looks like the bulk of the applications in the psutils package are around 20 years old. That’s either a turnoff for you if you think old software sucks, or a moot point if you think Postscript files haven’t evolved much even in that amount of time. 🙄

There’s more than just what’s in psutils though. Here’s …

  • pslib: a C library for creating PostScript files.
  • pspresent: A fullscreen Postscript presentation tool, more intended for X than just the console.
  • psrip: Yanks images from PS files.
  • pstoedit: Translates PostScript and PDF graphics into vector formats.
  • ps2eps: For making the short leap from PS to EPS.
  • pstotext: Extracts text from PS files.

And as always, my list is not comprehensive. I am sure there are dozens more hiding out there. 😉