procinfo and friends: Become one with your hardware

Sorry about the delay, some real-life issues demanded attention, and couldn’t be avoided. As a way of making up for the lost time, here’s a three-in-one hardware information tool: procinfo.

2014-08-29-6m47421-procinfo 2014-08-29-6m47421-lsdev 2014-08-29-6m47421-sockinfo

procinfo appears as procinfo-ng on the home page and in Arch Linux, but just procinfo in Debian. Both packages install three tools: procinfo itself, lsdev and sockinfo.

sockinfo is probably the leanest of the three; you can see its output above, and the Arch version doesn’t even have a man page. sockinfo isn’t a bad program, but there are probably some more helpful socket analysis gizmos out there, so I doubt sockinfo sees much action.

lsdev is a step up, but only by a tiny bit. This will really get you closer to your hardware, right down to the IRQ and DMA. According to the man page, lsdev has no options, so what you see is what you’ll get. Depending on your system, of course. 🙂

That’s probably where my only complaint about lsdev arises: The output is a bit spattered. That might be a consequence of the hardware or the way the information is reported, but it’s difficult to see what is appearing in what column. Hopefully if I should ever need lsdev, I’ll have enough information at the start to intuitively pick apart lsdev‘s report.

procinfo is the real star of the show, and has enough options and visual style to make up for the shortcomings of either lsdev or sockinfo. Check out its man page, and then take it for a spin with procinfo -H -n2 or procinfo -H -n2 -d if you’re feeling crazy. You’ll get a nice, steady system-wide update that reflects the inner workings of your mysterious electronic doodad.

procinfo has a lot to tell and it’s worth trying for its meager footprint and clean encapsulation of everything from hard drives to memory usage. It doesn’t have color, but hey, you can’t have everything. If you did, where would you put it? 😉

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