netrik: Almost the ultralight-est

The words “light” and “browser” usually don’t go together, but in the case of netrik, they certainly do.


netrik might be the least intrusive and quickest text-based browser out there. If it didn’t offer to move between pages by “clicking” links, I’d think it was a pager.

Color is good, although not necessarily true to the original page design … as you can see.

Character support might be where it falls short; as you can also see, curly quotes and similar glyphs are rendered as numbered sequences. Not a dealbreaker, but somewhat annoying. It does that for me in X too.

I can see where, on extremely low-end hardware, netrik would be an ideal browser solution — even perhaps better than something more full-featured, like elinks.

Given the fact that it can apparently be assembled with little more than readline as a dependency, it’s in the running for ultralight-est text-based browser.

It’s got tough competition in this though:

curl | dehtml -p -s | less

If you can call that a browser, I guess. … 🙄