ski: Weird turn-based winter sports strategy

I joke, of course, when I say ski is turn-based strategy. I do have to admit that I expected it to play a little faster than it does.


ski is no ordinary winter sports simulation; not only is your skier equipped with intercontinental ballistic missiles, but apparently can summon a fire demon to deal with pesky yetis in his eternal downhill quest. Oh, and you can teleport. But not like in robots.

ski is unusual in more ways than its turn-based approach and tongue-in-cheek demeanor — it also makes a point of giving you no information about what’s ahead of you.

So let’s review: Not only are you plunging headlong down a mountainside in this turn-based sports simulation, but you’re armed with weapons of mass destruction, capable of teleporting and summoning fire demons, and apparently doing all that while facing backwards. šŸ˜Æ

Well, I do believe ski has cornered the market on weird console-based games. šŸ˜•

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