tinyirc: A contender in the ultralight division

If you can see your way through all the mis-coded characters in this screenshot, you’ll have a pretty good image of tinyirc.


tinyirc is well within the same bracket as sic and ii, handling the job of IRC client with a fraction of the resources of some others.

tinyirc also has a much more sparse approach, when compared to things like irssi or even rhapsody. Your user name and the target server are both added as command line parameters, although I daresay you could connect to another after tinyirc starts up.

And what you see above is about all the interface I could find. If there is a way to customize that, or add color or different readouts, I missed the memo.

tinyirc, as you might have guessed from the screenshot, is available in Debian and its derivatives, but is not in Arch or AUR … and my attempts to build it from svn yielded errors.

That shouldn’t dissuade you from trying to build it though; I have a tendency to run things a little light, and that occasionally causes hiccups. 😉

3 thoughts on “tinyirc: A contender in the ultralight division

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Sort of. It seems to have more in common with that bracket of IRC tool than say, irssi or rhapsody or some other, higher-end ones.

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