saidar: A simple and clean system monitor

I remembered saidar the other day, completely by chance and out of context for what I was doing at the time.


(Yes, I am all about the animated gif now. 😈 )

saidar comes with the libstatgrab library in some distros, but stands on its own as a package in others.

It’s a fairly straightforward tool, nicely arranged and with a useful set of information to display.

saidar is a little dated though, and there’s not much to customize.

So by comparison, something like inxi is far more intricate, and glances is far more comprehensive.

But for ease of use and a clever box to drop on your desktop … saidar gets a nod. 🙂

5 thoughts on “saidar: A simple and clean system monitor

  1. Frostyfrog

    3 quick questions:
    1. what is the program on the left? I keep seeing it but I’ve yet to see it mentioned
    2. what program are you using for the animated gifs?
    3. could you possibly do a programs section like the one you had on your old blog so these questions don’t need to be asked (or update the old list)?

    Thanks again for all your linux help! 😀

    1. tingol

      It is vimwiki, he mentions it once in a while 🙂 And I agree on 3. Revival of the wiki or adding the section would be helpful.

  2. curious

    Nice.. came to present same Q as the first replier in case 2; what’s your workflow to make animgifs? 🙂

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