surfraw: Yeah, brilliant

I am going to fall back on an old post from about four years ago, to talk about surfraw. What I wrote back then is still accurate, and surfraw’s output is sufficiently transparent that even the images haven’t really changed.


Nope, no big changes there.

Technically surfraw itself has changed, even if the net results haven’t. The news page shows updates as recently as December, mostly to adjust the underlying search options or add a variable. So if you thought it was dead … it’s not.

People who have used surfraw usually swear by it, whether they live solely at the command line or not. The reasons for that are difficult to explain, except perhaps to say that kicking up a browser with a simple command and getting search results without going through the extra steps is … brilliant.

And don’t feel bad if you’re not 100 percent text-only; surfraw doesn’t care if it triggers a command-line browser or a graphical one. It might sneer at you for spawning Firefox, but these days, who doesn’t?

Get surfraw, install it, configure it, and then try it one or two times to get a feel for it. Hotwiring your command prompt to jump straight to search page results is … yeah, brilliant.

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