ncmpy: Reports of its death are greatly exaggerated

This one was a stretch. I almost thought it lost to the ages.


The home page, source packages and even the most remote repositories all seemed to have forgotten ncmpy.

Luckily github still had the last updates, and the AUR package for ncmpy-git is still workable.

I like this one; it’s very similar to vimpc. vi-like navigation, separate displays for the library and the playlist, and so forth.

As you might imagine, being a python-and-curses combination, it will require a smidgin of processing power to execute.

But unless you’re planning on dropping this into your old 486DX, I can bet it will work for you.

Between this one and the last one? I’d have a hard time picking, honestly.

Lucky I have one I prefer over them all. Yes, it’s coming. Be patient. … 😉