sipcalc: First prips, now sipcalc

Not long ago I ran across prips, an IP address calculator for the console. Here’s sipcalc, which I assume would be similar, even if the style isn’t.

2014-04-26-6m47421-sipcalc-01 2014-04-26-6m47421-sipcalc-02

What prips didn’t do, sipcalc probably does. prips gave ranges of addresses according to criteria you supplied.

sipcalc gives you a technical rundown by address, or by interface. I’m more than happy to report that the bulk of the information it supplies is a mystery to me, even if it does look pretty good.

For the quick and dirty, sipcalc -a interface is enough to get a full rundown of just about all the information available on your device and network identity.

However, you can also break apart the results by feeding sipcalc specific flags. Experiment a little and see what you get.

As might be expected, sipcalc is in both Debian and Arch.

I imagine something like sipcalc is quite useful for people whose daily responsibilities include some major league networking issues. For little ol’ me … well, I know about it now. šŸ˜

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