minesweeper.sh: Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother

I just mentioned that gpcslots2 is a giant perl program, which is pretty impressive considering the number of games it will play and how well it works. It’s not perfect, but I have a measure of respect for games that can be accomplished without too much compiling.

Here’s one you should be able to run right from the prompt: minesweeper.sh.


Now I’ve mentioned more than one Minesweeper clone in the past, and to be honest, my love for Minesweeper itself runs very, very shallow. I just don’t see the attraction.

But I do respect a game that runs with no more assistance than the shell, and still incorporates a healthy number of play options, color, and easy controls.

So it’s not that great a game on the whole, but it is as good as any other Minesweeper game I’ve listed here, and does it with a sliver of the resources. Well done.

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