nbtscan: So polite and helpful … and still I am clueless

Adding to the list of network tools that I’m not 100 percent sure how to use, here’s nbtscan, which is probably short for NetBIOS scanner.


I am not sure about that either though, because the home page for nbtscan is unresponsive. So all I have to go on is what appears on the Arch and Debian package pages.

nbtscan seems to be searching for replies from IP addresses within my network, and reporting on the information returned.

See, I’m not totally ignorant. 😐

Part of my flimflammedness might be the side effect of such a small network. Only one machine on the access point right now, which means there’s not much to report.

The Debian page suggests it can return logged-in user names, which I’d like to see. I need to fiddle with it a little more and see what I can glean.

nbtscan serves up its results in a table format, but if you want to pluck its pearls of wisdom and serve them to another application, I see there are flags to adjust its delivery.

Now if only I understood what it was telling me. 😐

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