uppity: Not the last, nor the least, pastebin-ish upload tool

Just by virtue of alphabetical order, uppity is arriving near the end of a long list of pastebin-ish upload tools.

I’ll try to give it the same measure of attention that its competitors received, even if I am beginning to wonder why there are so many of these tools, and if there is a requirement somewhere for CS majors to write a program to upload a code snippet to the Internet.


uppity, in conjunction with dpaste.com, worked fine for me, and I was able to apply a description to the short text file I uploaded. uppity supports quite a few different services, and there’s always the chance that it will fall out of favor with one or more of them. But uppity cleared the first hurdle — do what you promise — without incident.

kmandla@kl-mkc96: ~/temp$ head output.txt
001,Fanny Moreno,902 Kennel Ln,Indianapolis,IN,46206,(317) 901-6298,77,7299714f
002,Geraldine Adams,479 Flanty Terr,Burlington,NC,27215,(919) 114-2613,67,4f77e31d
003,Mario Meyer,482 Shalton Dr,Auburn,NY,13021,(315) 918-2187,77,8ffaf55c
004,Clare Flynn,676 Dorwin Rd,Addison,IL,60101,(708) 811-9115,41,1fc9ade7
005,Refugio Mcfadden,603 Plymth Terr,Akron,OH,44309,(216) 277-6958,56,0027b74b
006,Chance Mcclure,279 West Street Terr,Akron,OH,44309,(216) 759-8910,69,d17459d3
007,Wilma House,854 Burnet Dr,Appleton,WI,54911,(414) 872-1644,56,f21e179c
008,Charity Newman,770 Rider Blvd,Detroit,MI,48233,(313) 167-2599,47,fb3f7ce2
009,Chester Ross,337 Genesse Blvd,Seattle,WA,98109,(206) 987-2809,85,22cfce3c
010,Preston Higgins,729 Limetree Ln,Orange,NJ,07051,(201) 377-8402,61,cfa29694

kmandla@kl-mkc96: ~/temp$ uppity -s dpaste.com -d "Sample address database." output.txt
Uploading output.txt: 100%

The variety of features available between services is probably what accounts for some of uppity’s options; there are specific flags for language (code language, not spoken language 😉 ), expiration, description and nickname, to name the majority. It will also mash together separate files into one whopping upload, if you ask nicely.

uppity also makes a point of listing the languages supported for each service with the -L flag, so if you’re looking for one that will enhance a specific block of code, that might be useful to you.

And I also see, but didn’t test, features specific to a graphical environment, to including reading from the X clipboard and writing to X’s primary selection buffer, both of which need xclip installed to make use of.

The beauty in that, as I see it, is uploading your code snippet, then immediately pasting the link from the selection buffer, without the added step of opening a browser or highlighting the displayed text.

I like uppity for doing the job and having the forethought to add a few time-saving shortcuts. As it is, I rarely need a pastebin-ish service, but when the time comes I’ll make a point of hunting down uppity again, and giving it the chance to impress again.

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