mp3c: And so it begins

I’m behind the power curve again today, mostly because of oddball computer issues that took up much of my day yesterday.

I got a secondhand HP G60-125NR from a friend for a very decent price, and was astounded when Arch Linux rolled over and barfed when I tried to use it.

Disappearing mouse control. Sketchy video playback and overheating issues with nouveau driver. Even sketchier playback with the proprietary driver, and no framebuffer support. Endless kernel messages about /dev/sdb1 so long as the ums_realtek module was inserted, which spawned endless confusion between sdb and sdc when an external drive was plugged in. Freezing screens and system lockups with x264 videos.

The list goes on. Oddly enough, most of that disappeared with Linux Mint and the nvidia-319 package out of the Mint/Ubuntu repositories. I didn’t plan on running Mint 24/7 on it, but what works is what works.

All that is neither here nor there, since the application of the day (for yesterday) is (was) mp3c.


mp3c made me happy again, just by being itself. 🙂 A fullscreen, command-line application with a good dose of workability.

In-program help screens, extensive options menu, smart enough to find the CD drive and connect to cddb. Good visibility and decent colors, and my only complaint is that it might be out of date.

I couldn’t get it to do any actual reading or ripping, probably because it seeks out cdda2wav, which doesn’t seem to be part of cdparanoia — at least in the Arch version. Maybe it was, once long ago. (Edit: I found it. It’s in cdrkit, cdrtools and dvdrtools. Not cdparanoia, even if mp3c’s home page suggests that.)

I think if I stuck with it long enough I could configure it to use another ripper, and it probably wouldn’t take much more than a substitution for proper tool.

I leave that to later though; I don’t have any CDs aside from the homemade one I use for testing. If you still use them, this might be useful for you. 😉

Now I have to go back to ripping the guts out of Linux Mint. And what’s with these 8200M cards, anyway? Nvidia is out to get me, I swear. … 👿