mp3wrap: What has been rent asunder shall be forged anew

Mentioning mp3splt before mp3wrap was putting things out of order, in a manner of speaking.

After all, mp3wrap bundles a series of mp3 files as a single, playable, continuous mp3 file, while retaining all the tag data. Magical.


And of course, mp3splt reverses that action, like we talked about earlier today.

mp3wrap handles itself nicely, keeps flags to a minimum, gives you plenty of information while it’s working, and keeps the concatenated file around the same size as a compressed file of the same info.

I’m not sure why a wrapped mp3 file would be preferable to split singles, but that shouldn’t perplex me. To each his own.

But what will keep me awake tonight is the question … could I wrap several wrapped files, and retain the individual file information? Can I wrap every song in my collection? Is there a mega-mp3wrap solution to all my music backup needs?

The mind boggles. 😯

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