newsbeuter: A simple and clean news reader

I don’t have much experience with news readers, so I really can’t tell a good one from a poor one.

They are fun to tinker with, for a few minutes anyway. Beyond that I usually lose interest and they gather metaphorical dust somewhere in my system.

If you’ve had a different experience though, you might find newsbeuter interesting.

2013-03-18-solo-2150-newsbeuter-01 2013-03-18-solo-2150-newsbeuter-02

It’s incredibly easy to set up — just paste feed URLs into a configuration file and start it up. From there, most of the controls are listed on-screen.

Again, I don’t know a good feed reader from a bad one, so maybe it’s not worth the effort … as little as that is.

On the other hand, some folks take newsbeuter quite seriously, and given the impending departure of Google Reader, it might be worth making a transition.

But you can decide. It might be easy to set up newsbeuter and it might take over all your Google Reader responsibilities, but there may be something better out there.

6 thoughts on “newsbeuter: A simple and clean news reader

  1. David

    Newsbeuter is amazing, i tried all the cli rssreader i could find and it was the only one fitting my needs. It could handle a lot of feeds without a problem (i’m reading 150+ feeds at the moment). Canto was was really good too but somehow i had more trouble setting it and it started to slow down when importing all my feeds.

    I also like the kiss approach of the software. Want to add an extra feed? just paste the url into your urls file.

  2. Cristhyano

    Liked it very much too, but i had two feeds only and didn’t see a reason to keep using. I just visit both websites.
    I started using it because one website was too heavy that sometimes made dwb (browser) freeze. This issue seem to be resolved in the new version of the browser (but the website is still heavy and cumbersome) so i dumped it.

  3. Jan

    I’ve been using it for years and it’s just the best feed reader out there. Since version 2.5 there’s even built-in support for Tiny Tiny RSS, so your feeds are always in sync on all devices.

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