portsentry: Guarding against incoming traffic

I see a lot of network scanners, but not much in the way of protection tools. portsentry is one, but now I find there’s not much for me to show.


As far as I can tell, that’s all you see with portsentry. Any attempts at intrusion, in the default Debian version, are simply logged for your perusal.

Which isn’t to say that portsentry can’t drop the hammer on someone picking into your computer; quite to the contrary: The documentation suggests it can do almost everything between a rap on the knuckles and a plague of the apocalypse. I kid. :mrgreen:

All those things will require a little more configuration, but judging again by the home pages, it’s very doable. I didn’t go through all the setup simply because even when I was finished, I’d still have to figure out how to attack my own computer.

And like I said before, network security is not my strongest point. 😕

So I leave that to you, gentle reader. If you work with portsentry or get it working to your satisfaction, give us a better grasp of its potential. Science demands an answer. 😉