micro snake and micro tetris: Two tiny games

Game time again. You’d think with the overabundance of snake and Tetris games, there’d be no reason to add any more.

And it’s probably true. I found three new snake games just while searching for micro snake, and another Tetris clone after looking at micro tetris. 😯

2014-01-08-lv-r1fz6-micro-snake 2014-01-08-lv-r1fz6-micro-tetris

But I include both of these for one small reason — their small size. On my Arch machine the compiled binary files take up a trivial 15K and 16K for ‘snake and ‘tetris, respectively.

I can’t say for sure, but I would guess that puts them among the smallest versions of the game available.

The web pages suggest they are intended for embedded systems, and I’d be comfortable with that. The fact that they are written in C and rely only on ANSI sequences to animate the boards makes them perfect for older, slower, smaller systems too.

And micro snake has color. 😉

Neither of these is as feature-replete as some of the other clones that I saw last year — especially nothing to approach vitetris, on the one hand.

They are, however, fundamental basic versions that won’t drag down a system, no matter how small. Enjoy. 😉

1 thought on “micro snake and micro tetris: Two tiny games

  1. Alexandre Dantas

    Just saw this post, nice games.
    Small textual C clones are one of my favorite game category.
    16kb? Not that’s amazing!

    I invite you to test my tetris clone, yetris (http://github.com/alexdantas/yetris).
    It’s available on AUR as *yetris-git* (along with my other game, *nsnake-git*).

    Great blog posts, there are people supporting you – please don’t stop them 🙂

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