pi: A request from the audience

Okay, I promised bshir I would make a brief jump backwards in the otherwise impeccable alphabetical order of these posts, in order to include pi.

Yes, pi. There is a quick-and-dirty tool available to you, to display the value of π out to as many digits as you like. bshir says it’s worth including, and I’m willing to give it a brief spotlight, out of respect for the audience. 😉


And in its own way, pi is pretty cool. It reminds me of primes, and between the two (and maybe factor, which is slated for my next run through the F section), that’s a fairly healthy slice of mathematical power available without relying on a calculator application.

In Arch, pi is in the cln package, which is described as a “class library for numbers.” I’m not sure what that means. In Debian it has its own package called “pi” … which you probably could have guessed. 🙄

But I do like filling up the screen with 10,000 digits of π. I shall have to look closely for the secret of the universe in there somewhere. … 😉

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