screenfetch: Because all the cool kids are doing it

I got an e-mail a month or two ago from someone who preferred to remain anonymous, suggesting screenfetch for attention. I wish the e-mailer had allowed me to use their name, because screenfetch is worth crediting the tipster.


You’ve probably seen screenfetch (or something like it) at work in screenshots and Linux forums around the Web. It (or something like it) is a fixture in the screenshot threads in the Arch Forums, and I’ve seen it (or something like it) in r/unixporn more than once.

screenfetch does only what you see there: It lists the general information about your system in a way that might, conceivably, help someone build a similar desktop if they liked. Hence the notes on GTK themes, icon themes, fonts, and so forth.

screenfetch in particular has the option to take a screenshot automatically, provided you have some sort of screenshot tool installed — I believe the default is scrot. Others can be used, with a little nudging of screenfetch’s options.

screenfetch is not limited to Arch Linux and Openbox, and a full list of recognized distros, window managers and desktop environments is listed in the --help flag. It’s more than likely that yours is included.

I’ll leave off at this point, because as you might imagine, there is more than one way to get a nifty multicolor ASCII logo and system rundown on your screen. … 😉


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