Voices from the dead

I am an eclectic, in the sense that I pluck my tools and gadgets from wherever I find them.

I enjoy digging through relics and seeing, for example, if there is anything useful in the corpse of a failed distro.

If you’ve been around Linux for a few years, you might remember Feather Linux, a Knoppix spinoff intended to work from a image under 128Mb.

Feather Linux is gone now; its home page is inaccessible and both Wikipedia and DistroWatch describe it in the past tense.

Such is life. But as luck would have it, at some point in the past, I scalped a small script — — from the Feather Linux environment and made a note of it.

I hunted it down the other day and sure enough, probably four or five years after its creation and a few years after its demise, Feather Linux speaks to us from the dead.

Similar to, does a good job creating a series of basic HTML pages that will give you a rundown on your machine.

Curiously, as you can see in some of those screenshots, had some difficulty getting information. My video card, for example, is somehow invisible.

I can’t account for that, mostly because I have zero ability when it comes to picking through code.

It may be that this is an artifact brought about by changes in perl over the years, or it might be something eccentric in my hardware. Or it could be changes in the greater Linux structure.

Try it out and see if you get the same results. If so, we’ll call it’s fault. If not, I claim responsibility.

And if you have the time and the skill, see if you can improve upon it. The world can always use another system profile script. 😉

P.S.: One small hint: The web pages are created at /tmp/stat/. 🙂

4 thoughts on “ Voices from the dead

  1. eccfcco

    One thing that I noticed is that, in the first screenshot, it has an error message about X, so it is possible that it needs X to get information about graphics cards. I think that feather had X installed, so it would have been reasonable for the devs to assume that one had X.

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      You’re right, I believe. By default Feather jumped to X, so the script would have been run with X as an intermediary. Thanks for pointing that out.

      Not that it’s critical, but I’m sure a well-meaning and tech-savvy scripter could adjust it to work without that. Until then, I am comfortable with this as it is, video card info or no. 🙂

  2. joek

    Good spot, eccfcco.
    Line 142 of the script reads:
    “@net = split(“\n”, `cat /etc/sysconfig/xserver`);”
    A second problem with this is that the folder /etc/sysconfig doesn’t appear to exist in Debian, at least in Wheezy, even with X up and running.

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