proxychains: Sorry to be of so little help

I’m into the P section to where proxy tools take over, and unfortunately into another fuzzy area.

I’ve never knowingly used a proxy utility, unless it was part of an office network and I just didn’t know about it.

So again, I’m trying to speak in vague terms because I have so little experience with them.

From what I gather about proxychains though, it looks fairly simple to set up. The howto page doesn’t say much, but the configuration file is well documented and I have a feeling even I could tackle it.

kmandla@lv-r1fz6: ~$ proxychains --help
ProxyChains-3.1 (
/usr/bin/proxychains: line 9: exec: --: invalid option
exec: usage: exec [-cl] [-a name] [command [arguments ...]] [redirection ...]

kmandla@lv-r1fz6: ~$

But beyond that I don’t have any advice. I can’t be sure this is any better than other proxy utilities either, and I don’t dare offer an uneducated opinion on something so important.

Sorry to be of so little help. 😦