profanity: An XMPP client for the console, irssi-style

I like the looks of profanity, which is a console-based jabber client that follows the style of irssi.


Now, I’m not such a huge fan of irssi that anything that comes along and has a faint resemblance is going to win a pat on the back from me.

profanity has a clean feel and obvious style to it, particularly after working with irssi, and that makes it easy to pick up.

That, and a terse user’s guide and a snazzy home page, are all bonuses in my book. The fact that it’s written in C and could probably stay afloat on a leftover Pentium is another.

I’ve run across enough instant messengers in the past year to know that some of them are quite flexible, and some are quite complex.

profanity needed no more than a nudge from me and my password to get me online and working, as you can see.

I have said it many times, but it bears repeating: A chat client is only of interest if it supports the service you subscribe to.

So perhaps this particular program will only appeal to a slender portion of the listening audience. But even if that doesn’t include you, it’s worth taking a look at. It does a lot of things right.

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