mybashburn: Much the same animal

Back in September, when I was wading through the B section, I stepped across bashburn. Here’s its derivative, mybashburn.


To read the home page for mybashburn, it sounds very much like a viable offshoot of the original project, and I can see some similarities here and there.

As for which holds the higher ground, I don’t have an answer. I’m still sitting in that loop I mentioned earlier, where I only rarely need to burn a CD (and oddly, it’s usually to test something for this site 😕 ).

So if you prefer one or the other, that is your decision.

mybashburn is not in Debian (bashburn is, and both are in Arch/AUR), which surprises me in a way. I could swear this was one of the earliest console-only CD writers I ran across, years ago, when I was using Ubuntu.

This is another program where I feel obligated to mention that the last update was nearly six years ago. Ordinarily that’s not an issue, but for CD support software and access protocol, I have a fear that it might be.

Now go forth, and etch tiny lines in lacquer-coated circles of polycarbonate. 😉