lxdvdrip: If I only had a DVD around here somewhere …

lxdvdrip starts out in German, so make sure you copy the configuration file from /etc/lxdvdrip.conf to ~/.lxdvdrip.conf, so you get the language you need.


This is the other program that I needed to show a few weeks ago, but I didn’t have a DVD drive at the time; I left it at home when I undocked this X61.

Now I find I have a similar problem — a drive, but no disc to rip. This is what we call an error in logistics. πŸ˜•

lxdvdrip looks pretty good though. It comes with a smattering of ripping and encoding tools, some of which are way over my head.

If I had a collection of DVDs I’d probably want lxdvdrip for backup purposes. As it is, I only have data DVDs. I daresay lxdvdrip could try and rip them, but to what end, I wonder. … πŸ™„

No matter. I can see it’s working and it looks pretty good. If it ends up being useful for you, let me know. πŸ˜‰