rtorrent: Needs no introduction … again

Since I’m on to tools that everyone knows and are quite popular, I might as well throw rtorrent into the mix.


By most accounts it’s the program that I had no real part in developing, but seemed to bring me a lot of attention. It’s hardly fair, and I should probably apologize for riding its coattails.

But the strange part is, nearly a decade later, it’s still the smartest, leanest, sharpest torrent client for the console there is, and rivals a lot of graphical ones too.

In my lowly opinion, of course. ;)

So again, I won’t waste your time by fawning over rtorrent ad nauseum. And I won’t waste my time writing about something that I’ve fawned over ad nauseum already. Again, and again, and again. … :shock:

Let’s just assume you know about it, and its endless progeny, and you’re also a fan. Next, please. …

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5 thoughts on “rtorrent: Needs no introduction … again

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