orpheus: An appealing arrangement

If mp3blaster is too ornate, and if cmus is too domineering, and if cplay is too primitive, and if xcplay is too high maintenance … why not orpheus?

2013-07-25-v5-122p-orpheus-01 2013-07-25-v5-122p-orpheus-02 2013-07-25-v5-122p-orpheus-03

If you’ve ever used centerim, this might look vaguely familiar.

orpheus seems to take the hint from mp3blaster and put its primary controls on the screen. It also seems to take a hint from cplay et alia and add files with an a key.

But it has a few features that are less popular among its brethren. For one, it has a search function, as you can see above.

And orpheus, of all the music players I’ve mentioned this week, seems to be one of very few with an onboard tag editor. (Does cmus do that? I forget.)

That alone should win it some points with me. Add the fact that it has color 🙄 , and you’d think I’d be using orpheus all the time.

But there’s still one more that is a winner for me. Be patient, we’re getting there. 😉

P.S.: This also is a transplant from Debian. The Arch version wouldn’t build for me. …

1 thought on “orpheus: An appealing arrangement

  1. Anonymous Penguin

    > Does cmus do that? I forget.

    No, cmus doesn’t provide a tag editor (nor it should :P).

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