ngrep: Does for the ‘net what grep does for …

A little bit ago netsed offered stream editing for network data. ngrep does something similar, allowing you to filter traffic and pluck out precise sequences. Sort of like … grep. 😯

Or … just dump everything to the console.


Not that that’s very useful, seeing as it moves so fast and much is jumbled. But depending on what you want to filter out, ngrep is just the tool for the job.

I learn best from examples, whether it’s software or some other issue. To that end, the usage section on the web site was very helpful.

ngrep, like grep, is one of those tools that has a thousand uses — and nearly as many options to accomplish them. Take the time to learn all the little flags and options.

It’s rare that I would need something like ngrep in my naive little day-to-day computer adventures, but I can imagine where a much larger enterprise, with much greater traffic and much more precise needs … would find ngrep to be a godsend.

Go forth, and screen through your traffic. 😉