pacman4console: The classic, and some madness

I have a couple more games to show, so I’ll push them out the door now. After these I promise I’ll show a few programs with more serious functions. 🙂

The tough part about discussing games for the console is that there are some truly fantastic text-only games out there, regardless of what genre or diversion you’re looking for.

One of my most enjoyable discoveries was myman, which attempts a pixel-perfect rendition of just about every variant of the classic Pac-Man arcade game. It’s an amazing piece of work, either in a console, framebuffer or X-based environment.

But it does imply a few more resources than you might be willing to offer, if you just want a quick three- or four-minute diversion at the console. For something lighter, pacman4console is a good choice.


All the fundamentals are here, including the attract screen, a basic starting map, arrow key controls, multicolor ghosts and so forth. All except the wokka-wokka sound clips, for what I can tell. 😉

pacman4console adds a few nice fillips, for example, scared ghosts are timers that count down to their restoration. That keeps you from chomping on them as they’re about to turn back.

And the color and character themes are spot-on. It would be interesting to see a version that draws walls with blue pipe symbols rather than white blocks, but that’s a very small point.

pacman4console takes liberties with the later maps though, and will make you wish for the old days at the arcade when there were no deliberately difficult mazes. You can start a specific level from the CLI, and the upper level maps — like maze 7, 8 or 9 — are obviously intended to make your life difficult.

It’s tough to hold up pacman4console in its own light, mostly because I’ve seen myman and I know how impressive it is. pacman4console is simpler and lighter than myman though, so you can judge exactly how close you want to come to the original experience, and decide from there. 😉

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