mulk: As in, the incredible mulk

I was a little confused at first, and I thought mulk was a kind of spider or web crawler, sort of like bew was.


Turns out I was both right and wrong; mulk can handle single files, much like axel or aria2, but can also navigate directories and essentially mirror a remote site, locally. Sort of like bew, in a way.

mulk’s big claim to fame — and the one that is repeated on its home page and in its man pages — is its ability to handle a lot of connections at one time. Supposedly up to 50 or so.

I’m not 100 percent sure if that means it can handle 50 interfaces, or 50 discrete connections, or just 50 downloads at a time. Maybe all of those at once. 😯

I don’t know that it would really matter to me, since my in-house connection could hardly stand up to that kind of traffic. It’s nice to think that the spirit is willing, even if the body isn’t.

I do like mulk, but I wish it gave a little more information. As it stands I see very little more than a scrolling information spiel, where a progress bar would be nice for larger files.

On the other hand, mulk’s man-page-slash-help-flags suggest it can handle a lot of delicate networking that I don’t recall seeing in aria2, and definitely not in axel.

So it may be that, in terms of a console downloading/mirroring client, mulk is a good choice. 😉