pwsafe: Simpler password management

This will be twice in the same day I’ve mentioned pass in reference to another program. People will start to think me a spammer. 😯

But I have to compare pwsafe to pass, just because the latter is what I prefer, even if the former is quite a good option.


I know some people don’t like the tree-like folder structure of pass, and that’s fine. For those folks I can recommend pwsafe.

pwsafe keeps everything in one dot-file, with no discernible cues to what the accounts or passwords are, as you can see.


pwsafe also does a few other things differently; you can declare groups, add notes to passwords and a few other points. And pwsafe, as best I can tell, doesn’t require you to set up gpg beforehand. You might like that.

As a final note, pwsafe claims to be compatible with a Windows-based password manager called Password Safe, about which I know almost nothing. I don’t mention that as an endorsement, but rather as a point of compatibility.

pwsafe looks to be just as useful and flexible as pass, but definitely goes about business in its own way. Vive la différence. 😉

3 thoughts on “pwsafe: Simpler password management

  1. Philip Storry

    I think you’re underselling the Password Safe compatibility a little – it’s why I use this program.

    The Password Safe file format is openly documented, so there are plenty of implementations for it. Combine using this with something like Dropbox/SpiderOak to synchronise across devices/machines, and you have a password safe that’s available almost everywhere. I use pwsafe from the command line, Password Gorilla when in a GUI, and PasswdSafe on my Android phone. Very useful, very convenient, still secure. 🙂

    1. K.Mandla Post author

      Thanks for the explanation. I’d never heard of Password Safe so I didn’t know what to make of it — if it was popular or just one of many available for different systems. Thanks! 😉

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