pavuk: So very, very close

A long time ago I was looking for a console download manager, and fttps was the result.

fttps is good, and I’ve used it more than enough to justify its existence. And yet, what I imagined at the outset was a lot more like pavuk.


pavuk has a frighteningly complex command line form that handles just about every conceivable network option, setting, configuration, tweak, slant or jiggle.

For what I’ve seen it handles direct downloads, site mirroring, a fistful of protocols, can schedule and periodically download, and a mess of other stuff.

The downside for me was … well, it seemed to throw out only errors when I tried it. Which is kind of sad, because it looks like a real winner.

This time I’m willing to blame my landlord’s crappy Internet service, which has been off and on all day today. Probably it’s flaking out again, even as I type.

I’m planning on coming back to pavuk as soon as the need arises, which could be in another hour, for all I know.

I should mention that the AUR version exploded into a thousand tiny electronic bits when I tried to compile it. But the Debian/Mint/Ubuntu version gives you the CLI rendition as well as …


That’s right! A graphical version! It’s a bonus! Score again for the precompiled distros! 😆