v: Re-edit files quickly with vim

When you think about it, rupa‘s v is a rather obvious little tool.


v skims through your .viminfo file, plucks out the paths and names of files you recently edited, and then offers them back to you in a menu. Select one, and vim re-opens it for editing, no matter where you are in your tree.

Nothing fancy, and an idea that’s probably fairly easy to figure out. v adds a few bonus tweaks, allowing you to automatically jump to number N on the list, with v -N. Files are ordered from latest to oldest, meaning v -1 is always the last file you opened.

It’s also possible to filter the list of past files, or to include deleted files in the list.

v is simple and clever and straightforward, and if you work with vim exclusively but bounce around a lot, it’s likely to be useful.

Unfortunately — and there’s no practical way around this — I make a point of omitting any sort of vim history with set viminfo="" in my .vimrc. So unless I decide to change on that point, I’m afraid I personally won’t be adopting v any time soon. :/