yzis: Taking cues from vim

I know that pointing out a text editor for Linux is a fairly pointless exercise. But any time I can find one that’s not a member of the canonical 1,800-strong list of text editors in the wild, I pretend I’m a red hot sportsman.

yzis is not on that list, which either shows that the list is slipping out of date, or that there is a certain measure of futility in attempting to catalog the entire length and breadth of text editors available. Sort of like building a blog-and-or-index of text-based software for Linux. It’s just madness. 🙄

Here’s yzis:

2014-10-09-6m47421-yzis-01 2014-10-09-6m47421-yzis-02

As you can see, yzis takes its cues from vim, with a status bar arrangement, command or edit modes, some syntax coloring and similar commands — like :w or :q.

It does have its own take on a lot of other things, like popup window boxes, bolded text by default, and the addition of color here or there. And I noticed that its method of tab completion seems a little different from vim.

So if you are familiar with vim but want a little more feedback from your text editor, yzis might intrigue you. On the other hand, if you’re a vim purist, yzis will probably make you grind your teeth. There’s just enough that’s different that it will probably offend your sensibilities. 😕

For me, yzis is neither here nor there. I use vim every day, but I hold it in about as much esteem as a dirty spoon: It’s not my favorite tool, but if I have to, I can scratch my ear with the handle. vim is no Messiah of the Text Editors for me, so yzis is just a curious deviation.

And I’ve seen plenty of those before. 😉

P.S.: Supposedly there is a QT interface for yzis, but I didn’t try it. You go first. 😯

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